The enterprise culture of Hengyu Guoqiang is the soul of the enterprise, the internal factor that determines the operation effect of the enterprise, and the key force to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. The culture is the crystallization of long-term practice accumulation, which has not only achieved the past of Hengyu Guoqiang, but also guided the future.

Hengyu Guoqiang - Core Value: to make high quality products and constantly surpass ourselves.

Hengyu Guoqiang - brand slogan: make transmission more wonderful and life more beautiful.

Hengyu Guoqiang - enterprise mission: to create world quality and happy life.

Hengyu Guoqiang - brand vision: to build a representative enterprise in the field of transmission equipment.

Hengyu Guoqiang - business philosophy: attentive to our service, dedicated to our professional.

Management philosophy: Based on system, pay attention to result, pay attention to actual effect, communicate effectively, carry out vigorously and improve constantly

Hengyu Guoqiang - enterprise spirit: filial piety, win win, love and trust

Hengyu Guoqiang - talent strategy: equal relationship, simple and transparent, working ability and working status as the only criteria for staff assessment

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