Hengyu special Guoqiang or non-standard products selection table
Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃       Other: Installation location: Complete        Incomplete
Air Quality:: General        High dust        Other: Chemical pollution: No        Yes
Altitude(m): <1000       Other:
Prime mover: Motor:        Hydraulic motor:        Other:
Power(kW): Rotating speed(r/min):
Maximum torque(Nm):
Prime mover and reducer connection: Coupling        Leather belt        Hydraulic coupling        Other:
Driven equipment (working machine) name:
Power(kW): Rotating speed(r/min):
Maximum torque(Nm):
Starts per hour: Daily load running time(h): ≤3       3~10       >10
Loading rate per hour(ED): 20%       40%       60%       80%:       80%:      
Reducer connected with work: Coupling        Sprocket wheel        Gear       Other:
Reducer Model:
Nominal ratio:
Output shaft rotation direction (viewed from the shaft): CW       CCW        Bi-directional rotation
The output shaft in the form of: Solid shaft:        Hollow shaft:        Spline:        Other:
Lubrication: Immersion oil lubrication:        Other:
Cooling method: Natural cooling:        Other:
Annex: Only upload less than gif|jpg|png|zip of the 2M type file.
Other special requirements of customers needs:
User name: Quantity of order:
*Contacts: *Phone:
Fax: E-mail:
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